Monday, 1st April, 1867

We are having fine weather now, a little windy today. Bill sent a servant to Enfield for a tumbrel. Expects to go to Richmond tomorrow for the purpose of getting hands for the farm. He went about preparing potato bed and Wilkerson hauled manure. – – Mrs. Harrison and children spent the evening. I was really frightened when they approached the house to see how one of her horses did, but they didn’t seem to be at all aware of their danger. When they left, the horse was so unruly, Bill had her taken out and Fannie hitched in. George, the boy who minds the cows, carried her home and will bring Fannie back when he comes in the morning. He gets his breakfast at home, and comes over and minds the cows and gets his dinner and goes home every night. – – Patsy came to do my washing today.