Friday, 12th April, 1867

Cloudy and cool. Bill found this morning on going out that another man left. Uncle Davey said a man came to the quarters last night and had some talk with William Henry outside the door and he came in and got his clothes and left in co. with him. The other servants informed him that the Harris’ had busied themselves in persuading them to leave. They have one object in doing so. So this morning as they were passing through here, Bill went to meet them and turned them back, with instructions never to come on the land again. I have always been opposed to their passing through here, said all I could to dissuade Bill from it last year, except positively to refuse it. It was very evident that they hauled away our corn from the field as they passed through. They would frequently return in the night from Enfield and Bill could only see where large quantities had been gathered and hauled out, and that was all he could say or do in the matter. – – Have done without a fire all day, till late this evening. Couldn’t stand it any longer, moved the screen and had a good fire made. Bill and Uncle Davey to row the boat, caught 30 shad tonight before ten o’clk. The first time he has floated. We have only had three shad as yet. – – Bettie has been sewing today, the little time she has between meals. Ju sent Bettie down for 4 lbs. butter, sent me some vegetables.