Monday, 15th April, 1867

Another pretty day. Bill attended the Vendue at Acquinton Church. Returned at supper. He got in a powerful stew this morning. Jim came to work today, drove oxcart to the Church for implements. This is the 3rd time for the same purpose. – – Clarissa and Susannah came to plant corn, but we were not ready, in consequence of hands leaving last week. I planted butter beans. Cut out two underskirts today for Bettie to make, but its next kin to nothing for her to sew. She is left handed and besides as idling as if she were a wealthy boarder. I don’t know how they are to earn the amount of money they hire themselves out for. These are awful times for poor pilgrims on this earth. How changed from its once prosperous and happy state, but it has pleased the Lord to visit us with his judgments for the wickedness and rebellion of an ungrateful people. May they humble themselves and repent in sackcloth and ashes if need be in order that the Lord may look in pity on them and retreat toward them as he did towards rebellious “Israel.”