Saturday, 20th April, 1867

Quite a pretty day again. Jim came to work. Commenced checking the land for corn yesterday. The injured mule improves very slowly, nearly three weeks since she was hurt. – – Bill handed me a letter from Bake this morning. She is getting on finely. George is on a visit to some ½ doz. cities, has been gone a week. – – Pigeo had a chill today. Bettie finished ironing in time to get dinner. Should have ironed in half a day. Henry came for some things for Mr. Pollard.1 As Henry is used as both a given and surname, identifying the Henrys Caroline mentions is a challenge. One assumes that when she writes a name alone it is a given name, and, when not previously identified or referring to a family member, a person of color. However, assumptions do not make good history. Her first mention of a Henry is 29 December, 1864 when “The children received an invitation from their Uncle Hardin by Henry to spend the evening at his house.” This suggests Henry is associated with Aspen Grove. Could this be the Henry Littlepage, who appears in the 1870 US Census, 32, mulatto, living near the Courthouse? Then on 25 May, 1865, “Mrs. McGeorge sent half a sturgeon to put in the ice house. Also sent me a nice piece by Katherine Henry.” But in this case Henry is a surname. We do not hear of a Henry again until 28 February of this year when, “Had several squares ploughed in the garden by Henry with Fannie and George to a double plough.” So we now have a Henry doing work at Woodbury. This might be the Henry Nelson found in the 6 April footnote about “Old Uncle David” Nelson. But just last week Caroline wrote, “Uncle Davey said a man came to the quarters last night and had some talk with William Henry outside the door and he came in and got his clothes and left in co. with him.” However, here Henry seems to be a surname and William does not appear among records of the Nelsons. So today, “Henry came for some things for Mr. Pollard.” Whether this is a previously mentioned Henry, or Mr. Pollard is the “Mr. W. D. P.” of the entry four days ago is unknown. Unfortunately, this is the last entry we have by Caroline of a person with an assumed given name of “Henry.” And at this point we seem no closer to identifying any of them. John churned. Pigeo and I made jumbles. – – Bill rode George to McGeorge’s to look at seed corn. – – Commenced giving George and Fannie medicine today. Think Phil improves right much by work.