Friday, 26th April, 1867

Quite a lovely day. Was uneasy about Lucy and sent John Owens to look for her while his horses were eating. He came in about an hour with her from the clover field. Sometime after breakfast, some hands came to plant corn and I had breakfast prepared for 5, but in consequence of being unable to run more than one drag to cover up, had to discharge two hands. Retained Jeff Hill, Howard and Clarissa, got straight at work 9 o’clk. Bettie finished the cleaning the parlor, &c and went in the garden and finished weeding the corn she commenced yesterday, and then went about weeding potatoes. I am so busy all day that I am tired all the time. I will say it for myself, I don’t believe I idle one moment. – – Pigeo’s about her 4th chemise. Her work and mine are different. Mine’s everywhere, hers confined to her room. – – I am looking for Bill this evening and anxiously expecting Mary to come with him. He arrived at dusk, quite feeble from a chill. Brought Uncle David’s family, numbering ten. Sold my little articles, eggs @ $.80, butter $.40, and asparagus $.50, but I do not think the profits will pay expenses of traveling to the city so often for labor.