Monday, 27th May, 1867

Too wet for any kind of out work today, but fencing or something of that kind. The earth is saturated with water. Sowed a few gallons onion seed this morning. Put in soak Saturday night, some among others Maj. Butts gave Bill that were sent on to him for distribution, principally for the “Ethiopians.” – – Bill took Stuart up this morning on George when he went to Court. I hate for him to go home, he is so good when he is with me and so bad they say at home. – – I sat up quite late. Bill returned at 11, collected no money. – – Ju sent a couple of oranges to Mary and myself. – – We had supper early this evening. Prepared the two last meals in order that Bettie might iron something. Enjoyed the orange very much. I sat up till Bill came and retired quite late.