Wednesday, 29th May, 1867

A lovely warm day. Mary and Pigeo went with little Mollie, walked up to spend the day with Ju. Left Lucie and Carrie with me. Bill went to the C. H. this morning. – – Had the mules, horses and cattle turned in the clover field. No further use for Charles. I agreed to find him if he would chop a little in the garden and yard walks.1The transcription shows “find” but the word is more likely “hire.” UPDATE: The transcript is correct. Caroline’s use of “find” here is curious. Do any of our readers have comments? He is too trifling though for anything. – – Patsy left after breakfast, gave her a bar of soap. – – Bettie’s chopping in the garden and Charles weeding cabbage plants, or pretending to do so. I’ve spent the day pleasantly, love to be quiet sometimes. Bill brought me a letter from Emily when he returned from working on the road, all the freed men went up also. John Owens came back about dinner time. – – Emily writes from Baltimore, speaks of visiting us the first of July. – – Mary and Pigeo returned to supper. Mag and Lou are coming down to spend the night tomorrow. Mrs. Harrison and Miss Carey also will come to eat milk and strawberries. – – Mr. Cooke came to look at the plot of Woodbury tract, he is having Enfield surveyed.