Thursday, 30th May, 1867

The weather is warm and seasonable now. It looks singular to see the dirt being thrown from the corn with a double plough, but the wire grass is so matted and the corn so small that Bill thinks it is the only way he can work it. – – Mary has been complaining all day. Notwithstanding, she took the children and went in the garden and gathered a fine parcel of strawberries and she and I capped them. – – Bill rode Fannie to the C. H. and let the little colt go along with her. He returned to supper in company with Mr. Brumley Martin, who remained all night. – – Mag and Lou, Mrs. Harrison and Miss Carey, with Sammie Norment to drive, came to spend the evening. The two former walked. – – Mr. Cooke came to escort them home. All enjoyed milk and strawberries, had fine music to listen to.