Tuesday, 4th June, 1867

A delightfully pleasant morning. I am sitting in the front porch writing this and enjoying the delightful odors of the multiflora and honeysuckle, and occasionally glance at the freedmen and women working the corn, &c. Clarissa and Lucy are weeding corn and Bettie and Charles ridging down the sweet potatoes. – – Clarissa brought me a bucket of May cherries this morning. Bill rode out and spent the evening, returned about 12 or 1 o’clk. No one to go for the mail today. I am expecting letters from Nan, Zac, Bake and Hardie. – – Mary and Pigeo confine themselves mostly to their rooms today sewing. Say they can’t work downstairs. The latter is about three shirts for Liv and the former about dresses for the children.