Wednesday, 5th June, 1867

Another delightful day. Bettie is sick and I got breakfast this morning, with the exception of what she cooked for the servants. Ellen remained at the quarters today, and Charles is so trifling its more trouble than profit to look after him. The whole family, except Uncle David, presume a great deal. Clarissa and Lucy are weeding corn again today. Mary and Pigeo busy sewing, and I am winding warp for flannel. – – Strawberries are becoming scarce. – – Mr. Cooke came over in his buggy this evening. Took Pigeo to ride. We had finished supper when he came, so I got Bill to take the waiter of supper in the parlor to him before riding, thinking it would be late before they returned. Bill started to the C. H. before they left, No papers or letters, i.e., no one sent for them. Mr. Cooke and Pigeo returned about nine and Bill eleven, the former left ½ past. I had taken a nap and I arose at that time and got to thinking about Hardie. I couldn’t help feeling a little concerned after hearing the news Gen. Roper brought from Baltimore, said he would be home this week to make preparations for marrying. In the meantime, go to cutting hoop poles and put in a large crop of wheat this fall. Quite novel doings.