Friday, 14th June, 1867

A most excessively hot day. I went out and laid bricks by the front door early before the day became too hot. Had Herman assist me. Bill came to the house before we finished and he helped me. Bettie is weeding the walks today, can’t work in the garden, the _?_ _?_ _?_ . Lucy came in this evening and neatly weeded a square cabbage. I engaged her to weed a couple of squares. – – Bev returned from Richmond today. Came down to bring the horse and things Pigeo sent down for Mrs. Harrison and Miss Carey, also brought me a rake for which he paid $1.25 and a piece of shirting Mary purchased for me. – – Bill went this evening to get hands for harvesting wheat, wishes to commence in the morning. – – Paid Bev $1.80. He sold my butter @ 25 cts. Bill came in about 1 o’clk. and I was so aroused that I slept no more but arose and did various things before day.