Friday, 1 July, 1864

Quite warm again. Had a very fine lamb killed this morning, 3rd one. Sent Rose a quarter by Martha.1Who is this Rose? Could be Rose Hanes, Caroline’s granddaughter by Mary Hanes. Maybe she was staying with Dr. Ju and Mag. Or it could be Caroline’s sister, Rosena (Rose) King. – – Zac and I went up in the carriage for Pigeo and spent the morning. – – Nannie Lewis came with Pigeo home to stay several days.2This Nanny Lewis is likely Ann Barbara Lewis (1850-1924), one of the two daughters of Dr. John Latane Lewis of “Auburn.” She would be about 14. There are multiple “Nannies” in the neighborhood. She was delighted to see me and cried for joy at meeting. – – Met with Mrs. Hill there.3This Mrs. Hill is unknown. – – Gave Pigeo medicine this evening. She is complaining so much of headache. – – She is much better after. – – Col. McLaughlin, Mary King and Miss Ann Maria Edwards came this afternoon to spend several days.4This is the second mention of Mary King, about 26, the daughter of James Hill King and Rose King, Caroline’s sister. But according to the 1860 U.S. Census there were two other Mary Kings living close by. One was 48, and living with the Cobb family headed by Martha Cobb who was 46. A widow and her sister? The other Mary King was 46, head of household that included Mary Gary, 32, P. H. Alexander, a 28 year-old physician, two Alexander children, a girl 9 and boy 11, and a three year-old girl, M. T. King. Anyone with information about this diverse household, please comment. Ann Maria Edwards (1845-1915) was the daughter of William Austin Edwards who lived near the Kings. Caroline will also refer to her as Anna. The girls walked to meet them. Bill caught a nice parcel of fish today.

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