Friday, 10 March, 1865

A close rainy morning. No one could attend church. – – Gave the servants the day. The children and I observed the day, manner prescribed till evening. Liv said he thought he had fasted long enough.1 – – The gentleman left to return to see Bill. They accordingly came about 5 to spend another night and to ascertain about the corn. I wished to consult Bill about it. He arrived to supper.

  1. Would this be Good Friday? UPDATE: Evidently Easter will be April 16th in 1865. This may be a good time to note that Zion church members, soon to be self-described as Christadelphians, may not have observed Christian holy days as did other denominations.¬†Perhaps this is a proclaimed Confederate day of fasting. You Civil War scholars out there help us out. UPDATE #2: Yes, this was a Confederate national day of fasting and prayer. Thanks Jenny!  (back)

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