Friday, 10 November, 1865

I am up rather earlier this morning and feeling better than I have a right to expect. The boys went about cutting out pork before breakfast, and as soon as I could afterwards, went to the kitchen and had the lard sausage meat &c taken care of by Patsy and Martha, souse cleaned &c, Clarissa attended to the chittlings. Had all done and came in to dinner. Bill, Zac and Hardie knocked about at something else. He was so much taken with my sausage mill, he ground it up in a few minutes with very little trouble. After coming in and taking some hot coffee, I laid down a while and felt much better. – – Pigeo and Zac rode to Dr. Lewis to spend the evening. Sent Mrs. Lewis a basket of fresh meat sausage, &c.

One thought on “Friday, 10 November, 1865”

  1. About processing a slain pig at home, I have helped with this and it is a huge and arduous task. About thirty years ago, my uncle and his son, my first cousin, in North Garden, VA still slaughtered their own pigs and my aunt processed the meat in her kitchen, made sausage, cured the hams with sugar and pepper (I have the recipe and have done this too),cut up the fat and fried it, etc. My aunt then froze the meat and sausage. Before freezers, my grandmother canned the tenderloin. Later this was cooked with onions, gravy made, and served over biscuits – the best breakfast in the world.

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