Friday, 10th May, 1867

Quite a lovely day. I went in the garden after breakfast and planted watermelon and muskmelon seeds and a row of broom corn. Gave breakfast to Clarissa, who came to plant corn today. Brought things for Pigeo to make a birth cake for Phil, “sole heir” of Jim and herself. She attempted to make some yeast first and failed. Then undertook the cake by herself, i.e., with Mollie’s assistance. Hope she will succeed. None so ignorant, I think, as those who will not receive instruction and none so blind as those who will not see. All may profit who will. She succeeded very well with the cake and I made some excellent yeast after dinner. I put up some asparagus to carry, and Pigeo and I rode to Enfield. Mrs. Harrison accompanied us across the river in Capt. Bramble’s boat, who kindly offered it and accompanied us over to the store. Left Mollie and Ellen with Mrs. Harrison’s children till we returned. The former will remain all night with them as she has never returned their visit till now. – – Pigeo and I, with Ellen behind, started at sunset and before we were out of sight of the house, one of the wheels crushed and we jumped out without sustaining any injury. It was fortunate for us the servants were just coming from their work and one of them hitched George to Mr. Cooke’s buggy and we got safely home, leaving our buggy in his field. Met Mr. Cooke returning home, who gave us letters from the P. O., one from Zac to Pigeo, one from Nan to her and myself, and one to me from Mr. Pollard in Richmond on Dr. Phil’s acct. (money matter) – – Bettie sick today, was complaining yesterday. Lucy milked this morning and evening.

4 comments on “Friday, 10th May, 1867

  1. Peter H. Wood says:

    I suspect that “move” in line six was intended to be “none”….

  2. Jenny Littlepage Wilkinson says:

    Where it says “none so ignorant….more so blind” — am guessing it should be “none so ignorant….none so blind.”

  3. Jenny Littlepage Wilkinson says:

    I wrote “more so blind” — it is actually “move so blind” as written. So —

    Where it says “none so ignorant….move so blind”, I am guessing it should be “none so ignorant….none so blind.”

  4. Bibb says:

    10 May happens to be a page I have a photo of. If one looks at the word out of context Caroline certainly seems to be writing “move.” That is what the original transcribers took it for. But just as easily, and much more logically, it could be read “none.” So I shall correct the text. I should have caught that!!

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