Friday 14 April, 1865

A lovely morning, but a slight frost. Bill floated last night, caught 34 shad. Went upstairs to take a nap. Two market carts came through the place and I sent and had him waked. They wished to buy butter, eggs, fowls, fish and anything in the way of eating. I sold them 10 lbs. butter at $.20 pr. pound and Bill sold them some little fodder. – – Planted cucumbers and another row of watermelons by the rutabagas. Martha made the hills and the little chaps are getting peasticks.1 – – Dribbled a row of blk. oats Bartlett gave Pigeo. They are different from any I ever saw. Patsy cleaned the shad and Martha and I canned them. I certainly am attached to them all and a separation from them will cause me pain whenever it takes place, yet I think and hope all will be for the best, guided by a kind and wise providence. I know it will be very hard for us to become accustomed to it for a long time, having been so long inured to their services, but surely under the circumstances we can submit to anything and yield to the yoke imposed upon us.

  1. Peasticks are a cousin of bean poles. The “little chaps” were out in Woodbury’s forest and fields looking for thin shoots and branches that will be woven into a trellis-like support for the pea runners. In the absence of hazel, dogwood, willow, maple, or any flexible and freshly cut shoots would do.  (back)

One comment on “Friday 14 April, 1865

  1. Peter Wood says:

    Hard to read the entries of someone who is so impressively practical, so consistently pious, and so wildly oblivious, all at once. Yes, she will no longer have “the little chaps” to do her bidding. But she is so deeply immersed in her long heritage of racial exploitation and rationalization that she can only see emancipation of enslaved Americans as imposing a “yoke” on the enslaver. This manufactured and shared sense of victimhood was already widespread in the region by April 1865. In nearby DC, as she writes today, young JWB feels particularly abused…

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