Friday, 14 July, 1865

Quite cool today. Liv arrived from Richmond just as we were about to start to see Rose, who has been sick several days. He brought me a letter from Nannie. – – Pigeo and I started at nine to Hill’s. Found Rose much better, well enough to meet me in the yard. We spent a pleasant day. Found Aunt Milly there and two young ladies from Henrico.1Aunt Millie appears only once; she is unidentified. – – We returned by Ju’s and home to supper. Met Liv on his Yankee horse on his way to Brett Lipscomb’s. He returned about 1 o’clk. – – Hardie and Zac left in the buggy at dark to take a chubbing touch at Custis Mill well.2I am baffeled at “chubbing touch at Custis Mill well.” “..well could be “will.” Here is a link to the text. Any suggestions?

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