Friday, 16 December, 1864

The weather is moderate for the season. – – Hardie made a throw at one of the cows, running this morning, and hurt his arm very much. So much so, that he had to carry it in a sling. Of course, it knocked his expected visit in the head. Bake and Nan started about 4 o’clk. in the carriage, Washington to drive. Bill rode a mule up for the mail. Returned after we had supped, in company with Beverly Littlepage, to spend the night.1Beverly Arnott Littlepage, 24, was a son of the late Col. Edmund and Martha Ann [Hilliard] Littlepage of “Retreat.” Although Hillyard was a common family name in King William, Hilliards were also to be found. Brought me a long letter from Mary, six pages long. I read it in dining room while supper was preparing for Bill and Bev. John Hill came with a note for Bev from his Mother respecting Jimmie’s arrest, after they had retired.2Bev Littlepage had a brother two years older, James Isaac Littlepage. This might be our Jimmy. J. I. Littlepage, merchant, appears in Lieut. Haw’s conscript book as enrolled as a conscript 8 July 1864. If, like Bill, he was ordered to report to Camp Lee in Richmond and didn’t, that might account for an arrest. He should have attended to it at once, but did not. Was too sleepy.

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