Friday, 18th May, 1866

The rainy weather continues. Patsy and Clarissa did something in the way of replanting corn. – – Messrs. Cooke and Norment rode here yesterday or day before rather. – – Cut off a beautiful black silk belt for Nan to make. I’ve been darning socks several days. Am perfectly devoted to it. Jim and Washington started to Richmond this morning. Jim had a $20 note change. Gave him 5 and Washington $10. – – Bill complains right much of indisposition. – – I enjoyed the sturgeon Ju sent down by Zac very much, 13 lbs a 5pr.1

  1. “13 lbs a 5 pr.” might simply mean Ju sent 5 pieces of sturgeon that totaled 13 pounds. But I am not sure. Click on the phrase and share your thoughts.  (back)

One comment on “Friday, 18th May, 1866

  1. Leigh Stulack says:

    I really love to hear how much everyone visited back then, especially in times of hardship, less than easy travel, and bad weather. While I realize there was less distraction, there was so much more to do…even with the slaves to help with the workload (sadly).

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