Friday, 2 December, 1864

Fine morning for killing hogs, except being a little too warm. Had Bill waked up, agreeable to his request, before 12 this morning to start the servants about fire and getting water hot. Hardie and Mr. Hanes did not retire till sometime after he arose. All were so much overjoyed at meeting. – – I only had some cake and wine for them. They would not allow me to have another supper prepared and said they took a snack at the “Piping Tree” and were not hungry. – – Bill had 15 hogs killed this morning. James King came this evening on business with Bill, staid all night. Ju came before we dined. He remained all night too. He had dined, but joined us in some of the best molasses pudding and milk I most ever tasted. He brought us the mail, some two or three letters to Bake and myself. I received one from Zac. They are suffering very much for something to eat, both for themselves and horses. – – I got through in the kitchen today with more ease than I ever did. Had Martha and Dellah to assist Patsy and Parky about the operation, finished before dinner, and after dinner we were all engrossed till one or two o’clk. looking at the beautiful presents brought by Hardie to every member, including Garland and Mary and Ju and Meg. It seems that he thought of every thing we might want. I suppose the things brought as presents would have cost us here some twelve or fifteen thousand dollars and perhaps more. I think I may say 20$ and not exaggerate in the least.1By the content of the previous sentence I believe Caroline means 20,000$. I couldn’t begin to enumerate the articles of the choicest and best kinds purchased at foreign cities. O, and he is such a darling child. He lacks but one thing to make him almost perfect. That is to be obedient to his heavenly Father, as he has been all that a child should be in every other aspect. I hope to see him a Christian, earnestly hope it and desire it above all the honors of this world, however great.

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