Friday, 22 September, 1865

Still dry and warm. Frederick came home with his children at dark, all very tired. – – Nan finished off a very pretty crimson Merino body for herself this evening. Put it on and came in the front parlor to show it to me while Hardie and I were writing, he to Lieut. Arledge and I to Mary, to send by Uncle Bartlett this evening, but he started before mine was ready. Hardie sent his for Danville, written a day or two ago. Nan took Mary and went after  _(Bay?)_ cocks and chinquapins.1 Bake and I enjoyed them with her in the back porch very much. – – I repaired Hardie’s black coat today. Made a nice job of it, and have his grey one to repair tomorrow. He is such an obedient good child. I can’t refuse to do anything in my power.

  1. Nan must have been gathering some autumn nuts or fruit. Click here to see if you can identify the word before “cocks.”  (back)

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