Friday, 23 December, 1864

Quite a pretty day, though a little windy. Pigeo rode on horseback to Dr. Lewis’ and took Bettie along with her. Gus Hill accompanied her and returned home from the C.H. on his return there from the Dr’s. – – Logan Turner came to dinner. Brought the material for Bake to make a head dress for Alice. He left about sunset. – – I’ve been busy basting on a piece of Huck Cloth on the bottom of Nannie’s cloak. – – Bake’s stitching a pair of gloves for Hardie. He went up for the mail. Brought a letter from Deucalion Gregory to Pigeo, and also one from Mary Robinson.1Deucalion Gregory, about 17, later Dr. Deucalion Gregory, was the son of Roger and Maria [Ellett] Gregory, thus one of Caroline’s 1st cousins. He would later purchase and live at Woodbury. This Mary Robinson remains unidentified. She may be the same as the Miss Robinson mentioned on 21 August. Hardie went to an eggnog at Larkin’s tonight. We sat up till he returned.

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    1. Bev, Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll do some research and let you know what I find.

      1. Yes, this many very well have been Mary Beverley Robinson. She would have been 16, close to Pigeo’s age (15). They may have attended school together at Dr. Lewis’ as well as Zion Church. Caroline will record next year that some of her children attended Mary’s wedding to Prestley Coleman Edwards at Dr. Edwards home in Lanesville. “Unexpectedly to them, had dancing.”

  1. Dear Bibb,

    Just a note to say how much I am enjoying Caroline’s good journal. Such strength to just carry on in the valley of
    the shadow.

    Happy hoidays to you and yours. An eggnog would be a good idea.

    Best, Claudia

    1. I am pleased you agree with me, a remarkable woman and document. And I anticipated your eggnog suggestion, actually more than once:) And happy holidays to you two also.

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