Friday, 23rd March, 1866

A very good growing day. Jim brought the clover seed from the C. H. Bill commenced sowing oats in the lot today. Randolph still sick. – – Hardie took a nap after breakfast, slept but little last night. – – Had my soap made today. Before dinner, Zac went to see Mr. Hilyard about the boat, as he has not heard from the Col. yet, whether he has returned or not. Has walked up there several days this week for nothing. – – Martha has not returned. Hope she is enjoying herself. – – Zac returned in company with Jake White, who wishes to purchase our sheep, or rather we will have to sell them on account of pasturage. – – Zac rode to the Col’s. to enquire whether he had returned. Saw Mary and his two sons, but the Col. had not returned. A little mysterious, but it’s their business, not ours, farther than the school is concerned. – – I went in the garden this evening and assisted Patsy in opening some hills for corn, have not planted any yet. Came on to rain before we commenced to plant. – – Hardie and Zac went out floating and caught eleven shad, making 66 in all. – – Patsy and Addison carried out the chaff the eating potatoes were kept in. Sold her ½ bushel potatoes. – – Bill finished sowing the oats and clover on the 15, 4 bushels oats and about 1½ gallons clover seed. I do hope we may have a nice clover lot there. – – Nan made herself a riding cap after she came out of school, silk velvet. – – The boys came in from floating at nine. It rained too hard for them to remain longer. Had some coffee kept hot for them. – – Have only gotten two turkey eggs yet. – – Hardie rode George to the W. O. this evening.1

  1. W. O., as will become apparent, is the White Oak Landing on the Mattiponi, about 2 miles down river from Woodbury. Today the site is at the end of county road 637. In 1866 it apparently had become a lively commercial location.  (back)

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