Friday, 24 February, 1865

Arose quite early this morning and before it was entirely light, went out and carried the dear little lamb to its mother. She came running to meet me and was so delighted to see it. I believe it would have died if it had staid out in the cold rain all night, and now its strong enough to follow its mother. We have ten beautiful ones now, have lost 2 or 3 sheep this winter and one or two lambs. Have twenty-five in all now. Dogs are playing destruction with sheep in the County. In some instances, have killed all the owner had. – – The hands are shucking corn today. – – Bill went up for the mail. Bake received a letter and two papers from Zac. Poor fellow! He is undergoing such hardships and dear Liv has not made his appearance yet. I hope nothing will prevent his getting home. Lieut. Catlett came in a top buggy for Bake this evening, according to the arrangement of the girls and himself the day they were here. Washington got the rest of his bacon out of the smoke house, excepting two hams I purchased of him weighing 23 ½ pounds. – – Had a snack prepared for Bill and he left about night for guard duty, rode George. Received orders to summon the guard and hunt up four deserters. Jim was late getting from Mill, ten o’clk. before he came. Only brought a part of the cotton we had ginned, 27 ½  pounds, including three bags, making 31 with the 4 lbs. sent some time ago. Had fifteen bushels corn ground, I believe. Had it all put in the passage when he came.

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