Friday, 24th August, 1866

The weather very pleasant. My patients are doing as well as they could expect. Bill was in the dining room before breakfast, sat at table and drank some buttermilk. He is too impatient to get well, it makes against him. I persuaded him to go to his room and about ten gave him 20 drops laudanum. He was drowsy and slept a good deal during the day. – – Patsy and Martha planted the rutabaga turnips over this morning, and this evening ridged down the few rows they did not plough up. – – Tom came from Richmond this evening and brought letters from Mary and Bake. The latter writes from New York where the Lieut. and herself are remaining several days purchasing his goods. She seems to be in a great deal of trouble on account of his being sick. – – They are anxious that Bill should meet them in Baltimore. If he cannot do so, send letters of introduction to some houses in Baltimore where he may purchase goods. – – Liv staid with Mr. Cooke last night. Both had chills and took medicine. Sent to Ju’s, rec. 50 grains quinine, on acct. of Liv.

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