Friday, 24th May, 1867

Still cool. Am sorry the woman disappointed us, as I intended to engage her to work over the garden. – – Bettie washed a little more again today, though ½ day was sufficient to wash the clothes if she was well. – – We expected Mrs. Harrison and children to spend the evening, as Mr. Cooke said he would bring them by water. Lucie helped me to pick some strawberries after returning from Ju’s this morning with Stuart, whom Ju had taken to the baptizing, and put them down at the gate to walk to the house. – – We were right much disappointed at them not coming. Enjoyed the strawberries very much for supper. – – Bill brought me a letter from Hardie as he returned from the baptizing. – – Gave Mr. Owen’s an emetic today and he is much better this evening. Stuart is a good child with me but they say a bad one at home. Bill and Pigeo went up to the meeting again tonight. Mr. Cooke came soon after they started and offered to take me up in his buggy, but I declined going, it was too late.

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