Friday, 25th May, 1866

Found it raining this morning and continued cloudy and threatening till after Zac returned with the intention of taking Nan to Mr. Henley’s by promise. The rain prevented. Bill went to the Church on business with Mr. Gary and Houchings.1 Carried an oxcart wheel. He borrowed one in place of it till that was done, I believe. – – Patsy’s in the field part of the day. – – Sold Mr. Warburton three calves for $15, paid.

  1. Mr. William M. Gary owned a store at Acquinton, perhaps operated by Johnny Willeroy. This is Caroline’s first mention of Gary, but not the commercial nature of the Acquinton Church community. Most recently was 10 May. Nearby is Mr. Houchings, who has been mentioned many times before doing “mechanic” work for the Littlepages.  (back)

2 comments on “Friday, 25th May, 1866

  1. Sue Terminella says:

    Was this William M Gary, Jr or Sr.? Senior lived from 1807 to 1884 and Junior lived from 1839-1909.

  2. Bibb says:

    Great question. But more research required.

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