Friday, 28th September, 1866

Quite a pleasant day. George and Bake are down to breakfast. He is much better this morning, but grows worse after breakfast and had to take to his bed with a severe ague. Poor fellow! Suffers a good deal. Bake is a good and nice little nurse, never wearies with her duties. The younger children will learn something after a while I imagine from experience. I do not expect a great deal from them now, but after they grow older they will become wiser and learn to conform to the times as others do. – – Pigeo wrote a note to Ju. She met Mag and Bell Boykin with Stuart on their way down to spend the night.1 Pigeo returned at dusk with a prescription from Ju for George. I am improving right much. Was up two or three hours, but had to return to bed. Bake took upon herself to aid me in having some changing up done. Children are so thoughtless and inconsiderate. – – Bill killed one of the finest lambs I most ever saw this morning. I enjoyed some delightful soup for dinner. Kept Addison in chamber and gave him quinine to stop his chill. Washington waited on supper.

  1. Caroline has started a run of writing Belle Boykin’s first name as Bell.  (back)

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