Friday 3 March, 1865

Another rainy and cloudy day. It would be a treat to see the sun. I arose quite early this morning and wove a little before breakfast. After breakfast I cut out a vest for Ju and Horace took it up with him. Loaned Mag a vest of Bill’s to make it by. I then weighed the tallow and went in the kitchen and dipped 31 lbs. candles, after dying some green wool. Bill went up for the mail. Gave him 30$ to give Mr. Slaughter, the difference in exchange of turkeys. Also sent $25 to W. D. Pollard as paymt. for my subscription. Bake received a letter from Mary. No intelligence from Liv, Hardie or Zac, and I do feel so sad this evening. – – Phil Lewis has just rode up. I hope he has heard something from Zac.

2 thoughts on “Friday 3 March, 1865”

  1. It probably was. But with the high inflation at the close of the war it seem all sorts of financial instruments were being used in the South as currency, even sometimes Yankee greenbacks.

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