Friday, 3 November, 1865

Another close rainy day. I feel as if I had turned my little bird out of doors to see her start away such weather as this. – – I am feeling very weak and feeble, but I can’t help going over the house and making some new arrangements. – – Had Bake’s bureau moved down in the front chamber. – – Had Hardie’s room fixed for winter, and various other things done. – – Potatoes, onions planted, &c. Hardie sowed some white turnip seed yesterday. – – Cut out a Va. cloth dress for myself today. – – Ju spent a short time with us this evening. Gave him $25.50 to pay Spiller for Liv. Also sent Mag a bottle of yeast by him. – – Gave him some cake, wine and apples. He seems a little low spirited from some course or other.

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