Friday, 30 December, 1864

Quite a pretty morning, but clouded up afterwards and falling weather is threatened again, though it has turned much colder. Dr. Ju came down quite early. – – Bill had some sorghum stalks hauled and mended the road at the meadow gate. It is almost impassible, there has been so much rain. – – Hardin’s family came about eleven, Larkin’s family, Camm and Johnny, his family were unwell, some of them, Bev and Jimmie. Martha Ann had company and couldn’t come. Lee Lipscomb and her mother.1Lee Lipscomb first appears 18 August. Later she is one of “the girls” at Zion. If this Lee is a daughter of Sterling Lipscomb, then her mother’s name was Angelina [Ellett] Lipscomb, Caroline’s second cousin, once removed. – – George Tebbs couldn’t get a conveyance to bring Maria.2Maria Tebbs was the youngest daughter of the late Dr. R. H. Tebbs. George Tebbs was her oldest brother. He likely worked for P.H. Slaughter at the Courthouse store. Mrs. Hill’s carriage brought Hal, Miss Pussy Crump, Miss Almira Hill and Miss Bell Boykin.3We met Hal Brumley back on 15 July. She was living with Mrs. Harriet Hill, her grandmother. Crump is a name more common in New Kent County. I have been unable to identify Miss Pussy. Almira Hill, about 14, was Augustine (Gus) Hill’s sister. And Bell Boykin, “Miss Bill” in the transcript, we also met on 15 July. Her full name was Mildred Isabella Boykin; she was about 11 in the winter of ’64. Lieut. Cattell and Gus Hill accompanied them.4Henry Bradley Catlett, 25, of was a Lieutenant in variously organized cavalry companies during the war. While in 1860 he was a store clerk in Baltimore, he was born in Gloucester County, Virginia. He will visit again, as will Gus Hill, who by this time needs no introduction. Claiborne Hill, Billy D. Pollard, Mr. Powell all dined and remained till after supper.5We introduced Claiborne Hill back on 6 July when Zac was shopping for a horse. Deputy Clerk William D. “Billy” Pollard we met on 11 October over biscuits and molasses. Mr. Powell is certainly Elijah L. Powell who gave the Littlepages a fright on 13 June. Those from Mrs. Hill’s remained all night. – – Danced and enjoyed themselves very much. Retired about 1 or 2 o’clk. – – Had an elegant pig for dinner, roasted by Parky in the office.6This reference to an office indicates an additional outbuilding besides the kitchen. Perhaps it was attached to the kitchen. Patsy cooked dinner.

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