Friday, 3rd August, 1866

Quite a pleasant morning. Mr. Grubbs left after breakfast without seeing Pigeo or Zac. I am really mortified that he should have been treated so, none of us were acquainted with him. – – We could not conceive of any reason why they have not returned, so I waited till 1 o’clk. and concluded to have a quick dinner in order to allow Patsy to fold as many potato vines as possible, but just as our dinner was nearly ready, Martha called to me and said there were several others besides Pigeo and Zac. Miss Nannie Winston, Miss Lu Lipscomb, Mr. Wortley Waring, Mr. Lowry Waring, Mr. Fendall Winston, Mr. George Turner, Master Zac and Pigeo.1 So I had to add ham and cabbage, a quarter of lamb, chickens and other things to my dinner. Cut watermelons in the evening. All left after sunset and just as I was thinking of lying down (for I felt badly), Melville Walker and Willie Walker came to spend the night, but I retired as soon as I could after supper. Bill was prevented from going to Dr. Braxton’s this morning on account of not having a horse, so he started as soon as he fed Fannie and returned to supper, missed his dinner. Heard the D. was in Hanover and did not go to his house. Went to Hardie’s, but could gain no information respecting his business, i.e. Meredith’s Est.

  1. These Essex County Warings, William (Lowry) Waring and George (Wortley) Waring are the sons of Robert Payne Waring, III and his first wife, Elton P. Bagby. Lowery would be 28, and Wortly 22. Fendall Gregory Winston, 17, is the son of William Overton Winston and wife Sarah Ann [Gregory] Winston of Hanover County. He may have been living in King William with his grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Fendall Gregory at The Piping Tree. In 1872 he will accept an engineering position with the Northern Pacific Railroad and eventually settle in Minneapolis, MN. A short biography of Fendall appears in Torrance, Winston of Virginia and Allied Families, 1927. A visit to his page at yields another interesting bio, and a most impressive grave marker.  (back)

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  1. Jenny Littlepage Wilkinson says:

    I think Miss “Lu Lipscomb” in above entry is the same person as “Miss Lee Lipscomb” who appears in the “List of Characters” as first appearing on 8/21/64. She was Sarah Louisa (Louise?) Lipscomb and went by a multitude of nicknames — including “Loulie” which could have been shortened to “Lee.”

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