Friday, 3rd May, 1867

Cloudy with light sprinkles of rain all day, not sufficient to prevent work. Clarissa planted corn half day. Sent Mrs. George milk and loaf bread by her after dinner. Bettie planted with her ½ day. – – The servants among themselves tried right hard to get up a fuss, but failed. John Owens complained to Bill about it and I investigated the matter and found Charles had told Bettie a story. Said I told him that I didn’t want him to sit in the kitchen with the “Negros,” meaning herself and Mr. Owens, as she calls him. I disbursed their minds of the charge and plead “not guilty” and they were perfectly satisfied. Said they thought I could not have said such a word as that, as they had never heard me speak of them in that way. Bill rode to the C. H. this evening. No papers or letters, can’t tell what my correspondents are doing.

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