Friday, 5th January, 1866

The weather is intensely cold. – – Martha ironed the plain clothes today and I ironed the shirts. – – Hardie met Ju over in the field and killed some partridges together. Made him promise to come again tomorrow. – – Nan and Rose attend quite well to their studies, generally get through before dinner, then occupy the evening either knitting, sewing or playing babies. Nan is knitting a pair of socks for Stuart. I have just finished a pair for him. Rose is footing a pair for Zac. – – Hardie and I took a nap early and arose about nine and sat up till 2, he writing a letter to his “Delcinia.”1Delcina as a girls’ name is of Latin origin; it means “sweet.” As she did last Friday by giving the reader a blank for the name of Liv’s date to the Robins party, Caroline continues her coyness here by not providing us with Hardie’s girlfriend’s real name. Her journal treatment of the courtship and marriage of Bake was only hinted at until just before her wedding. Is she trying not to jinx the couples? – – Clarissa sent a pitcher of delightful beer.

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  1. In Cervantes’ masterpiece, Dulcinea is the admiring name that Don Quixote gives to an idealized “good likely country lass” ( actual name is more prosaic: Aldonza Lorenzo.

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