Friday, 6 October, 1865

The weather still as dry and dusty as it is possible to be and no prospect for rain. Farmers do not know what to do about sowing wheat. Zac carried Mrs. Tebbs’ carriage home. Sent her some potatoes. Sent Mary up to wait on Pigeo and sent her some loaf bread. Wrote a note to Mrs. Tebbs, and her also. Nannie trimmed her scarlet dress skirt and I pleated the skirt for her. Also Bake’s alpaca and my muslin. She is about her cambric gown today, making it beautifully. – – Hardie and Zac went over the river and killed some sora, very fat. – – Zac returned to dinner. I wrote a note to Mrs. Tebbs and one to Pigeo, thanking the former for her kindness and instructing Pigeo in hers what to do. – – Bill rode to the Mill to meet James Isaac.1James Isaac, as such, is unidentified. However Caroline may have been referring to her nephew by marriage, James Isaac Littlepage (1838 – 1894). James Isaac is a┬áson of the late Edmund Littlepage and his wife Martha Ann. If so, Bill was to meet his first cousin at the Mill. And, if so, this is the second time Caroline has referred to someone by their first and middle names and omitting the surname. See the recent 27th of September entry. He did not come.

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