Friday, 7 October, 1864

The prettiest day we have had this week. Very well with the molasses today. Bill road away for a short time. The children went to school today for the first time since this day three weeks. – – Ju rode down this evening to let Bill know he wished him to send for the red wheat at Mr. Garrett’s. He will send, nothing preventing, in the morning. – – Very soon after Ju came, a messenger came from Mrs. Munday’s saying he was sent for by Dr. Lewis to see Mrs. Mundy, who is very ill.1Caroline consistently spells the family name as Mundy although the generally accepted spelling is Munday. To avoid any confusion it is rendered consistently here as Munday. He went immediately.2Initially I thought this Mrs. Munday was Mrs. Elizabeth G. [Armstrong] Munday, who would have been about 70. She appeared living with her son, Robert A. Munday, and his family in the 1850 US Census at Liberty Hall, a substantial estate on the Pamunkey just upriver from Elsing Green. But according to the Richmond Whig, she died 10 December, 1852. So the ill Mrs. Munday is Anne [Lewis] Munday, the widow Robert A. Munday’s. Robert died 22 November, 1860. Anne would have been about 34 and probably a cousin of Dr. Lewis. – – I have scarcely had time this week to think of preparing Zac’s clothes. It engages me closely to attend to the many chores of the molasses. It is certainly a troublesome job. Still, I like the prices very much.

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