Friday, 9 June, 1865

The weather is excessively warm. Bill is using the reaper today. Sallie Hill and Pug are here.1The appearance of Sallie and Pug Hill together suggests both are members of the household headed by Fanny Hill. We met Sallie the 23rd of July last year. As that household appears in the 1860 US Census they must be “free” blacks, certainly associated in some way with the white Hill family. Only two young boys appear in that Census, William B., 1, and Alexander, 4. If Alexander is Pug, then he would be about 9. A further clue as to the identity of his family is that Sallie seems to have a younger sister, Harriet. Had a fine lamb killed this morning. – – Such uncertainty and irregularity in affairs it almost crazes me. The boys are all engaged in the field with Bill again today. They aid him very much, I believe, and all show at night when they return that they have not been idle. – – Made a plum cake today in anticipation of a visit from Dr. Thomas in company with Dr. Edwards family tomorrow.2Dr. Edwards is the “Cousin Lem” of Lanesville who also attends and occasionally speaks at Zion. Caroline wrote of him on 3 July last year. – – Scott continues about the same. Tom is sick also. Gave him tartar emetic. – – Bake and Pigeo walked to the wheat field this evening.

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