Friday, 9th March, 1866

The weather still bitter cold. Notwithstanding, Bill commenced sowing clover seed and put in about 5 pecks. Randall is sick too, today and half the day yesterday. – – George came on horseback to bind Washington out to support his mother. Thinks he is under age, but he is mistaken. – – The weather was quite moderate at noon, and I sent for Patsy to put up beds for beets, parsnips and salsafy.1 Zac assisted Martha and I in sowing. Came up a tremendous blow just before we finished, i.e., we didn’t quite get through. – – He brought me some beet seed Fes sent me. Rose was not at home. – – Nan resumed her studies today. Has lost about 7 or 8 days. Completed her 8th drawing lesson. She progresses very well in all of them. – – Starched some things this evening. – – Hardie undertook to hang Bill’s seine. Makes himself useful at any thing.

  1. Caroline spells this word as it is probably pronounced.  (back)

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