Friday, August 19, 1864

A very fine day on vegetation. Replanted our turnips, both white and rutabaga. – – Mr. Tollston left with Bill for the C.H. after breakfast. Bill intended returning to dinner, but was unexpectedly ordered to Ayletts and returned to supper after I had finished. A wounded soldier was brought in to stay all night by two others. His name was Wheat from Essex.1 They were on furlough right from the fight at “Deep Bottom.” – – We are whipping the Yankees as they deserve to be whipped. – – Made some very nice molasses today of watermelons, it’s really nice.2 Transplanted Pigeo’s flowers this evening or rather removed them to other and larger nourishing and fresh earth more congenial to their growth. – – Philip brought the corn sheller this evening we loaned Ju yesterday. Gave him the leather for a pair of shoes to make for Nannie @ $10. – – Cut out a pair of pants a piece for Tom and Frank, also a shirt a piece.

  1. The soldier in question was undoubtedly Francis D. Wheat. He was the only Wheat in the 9th VA Cavalry. There were no Wheats in the 55th VA Infantry. Wheat enlisted in Company F on 11/1/1863 and deserted near Peyton’s Ford (12/16/1863) only to return to service in May 1864. He was wounded in service near White’s Tavern on 8/18/1864 and paroled in Richmond on 5/12/1865. Company F of the 9th VA Cavalry was from Essex County. (Thanks to Anne Jackson for the research.)   (back)
  2. One of our readers, Tina, suggests this website to learn more about watermelon molasses. And this one.  (back)

4 comments on “Friday, August 19, 1864

  1. Malindi says:

    Doo, Did you mean (in the footnotes) that Wheat returned to service in May of 1864? Just checking! Great job! Malindi

  2. Bibb says:

    Good eye! Correction made. You are good with numbers.

  3. Bibb says:

    OK, OK. I wanted to make the correction visible. But, granted, it did look confusing. So I just corrected it to 1864. Overthinking again.

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