Monday, 1 May, 1865

Quite cool for the season. We brought out nearly all of our things today from their hiding places. Had some bed mattress and carpets sunned. Jim did not return from his wife’s house till late this evening. I was very uneasy about him, thinking he was sick. He came about sunset. Had a chill, which detained him. Had five loads corn hauled to the house out of the ten loads carried out before Sheridan’s raid. – – The ground is too wet to plough. Bill’s complaining right much this evening. Rode to Mr. White’s though to see about corn. Returned after supper still complaining. I had some strong coffee made and he drank two cups and retired. Zac fixed up the circle quite nicely today. Patsy’s mixing black and white wool. Dellah wove towels today. Hal and Willie Boykin rode on horseback here this evening to spend several days with Bake. Liv with Washington is out floating, caught 19 shad tonight. Bill will take them to Richmond in the morning.

2 comments on “Monday, 1 May, 1865

  1. Caroline’s comments provide information about Sheridan’s raiders that I haven’t seen before. The accounts I have seen say Sheridan’s raiders followed the Pamunkey but do not mention the Mattaponi.

  2. Tom Brown says:

    Read March 17, 1865.

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