Monday, 10 October, 1864

Frost as white as snow this morning and ice almost 16th part of an inch thick. All things concur to retard our process in starting the boilers this morning. The frost on the cane, and I suppose a slight freeze, prevents its crushing well and it was fully 12, I think, before we got them filled, but when the molasses was taken off it was a first rate turn out of excellent molasses, 11 ½ gallons. We soon got on the next two, which turned out 10 ½, very beautiful. I’ve certainly had my hands full today. Everything to attend to myself. Had the corn shelled off, the husks and ashes burnt to make the log for clearing. I prefer it to soda. It’s now ten o’clk. at night and Bill has not returned yet. Zac took a snack and went down the County to see Jessee Dungee to get him to repair his boots and returned at dark.1Jessee Dungee was listed as a shoemaker in the KW 1850 & 1880 US Censuses. He was listed as Free and a Mulatto in 1850. King William Tax records show him as a landowner in 1860. He may have been the son of Jessee Dungee of New Kent County who appears in the 1830 US Census as a “Free Colored Person.” For more information click on his name above. The children returned from school just before him. – – Zac’s in the kitchen having a molasses stew tonight. Bartlett’s attending to it for him, and Nan’s helping him to pull it. I am so tired I can’t write any more.

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