Monday, 11th June, 1866

Another fine day. – – Sent breakfast to the field for John and Harriet. – – Col. McLaughlin sent for bacon and lard. Sent 9 lbs. bacon and 5 lb. lard by his boy. He wrote a polite note and informed me that he had seen Maj. Douglass and gave him the points as regards Zac’s fitness to enter the “Military Academy,” desiring him to use his influence with Gen. Smith in getting him a situation there. I appreciate the Col’s. kindness much.1Major Beverley Browne (B. B.) Douglass is a King William lawyer, politician, and soldier. He married into King William’s Pollard family and lives at Cownes, up the Mattiponi from Woodbury past Aylett’s. (If there is a historical King William figure in need of a biography, it is Douglass.) General Smith is Superintendent of Virginia Military Institute. He served from its founding in 1839 to 1890. – – Gave Nan medicine last night, but she is no very better today. In bed most of the time. Zac returned from Richmond about 3 o’clk. Purchased a suit of clothes, some sugar &c. Sold butter @ $.35, gave $.12 ½ cents for sugar. Received letters from Mary Rose and Mollie. Mary sent a Gipsey bonnet, i.e., Nan to exchange for hers for Rose.2The fashionable Gipsey (Gypsey, Gypsy) hats of the day were a flat-crowned, wide-brimmed straw hat with ribbons passing from the crown over the brim and tied in a bow under the chin or at the back of the neck. It was closely related to the Pamela hat. Zac gave $17 for his clothes, displayed very little taste in his selection, and I don’t think the man lost anything by the sale of them. Bettie and Tom came this evening for Buck, some whim has struck them I suppose. I did not let him go. I shall not give him up unless they have some good reason for taking him away before Xmas. Martha Ann sent word by her she would spend the day with me tomorrow. I shall be very much pleased to see her. Sent a letter to Ju this evening by Buck to take to Richmond tomorrow for Bake and George Arledge.

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