Monday, 12 December, 1864

Intensely cold this day. Had the hogs, six in number, cut out in the pantry this morning by Frederick and Bartlett. – – Gave Bartlett his breakfast and directions to have the carriage at the door to take the girls to Dr. Lewis,’ Miss Annie, Miss Winston, Miss Lewis and Pigeo. Gave Miss Annie a box of Rose pins Hardie brought and promised her ½ bushel potatoes to carry her Mother.1We now know Miss Fletcher, when not teaching at the Lewis,’ lives with her mother. Sent Mrs. Lewis some spare ribs and chine. Gave Pigeo paper and envelopes, also gave her stamp to send Zac in a letter. – – The children are invited to a molasses stew at the Dr.’s next Friday evening. – – After they all left I went in the kitchen and has sausage chopped and lard tied up, &c. Hardie assisted me in having it salted by Frederick. Salted the midlings, hams, and shoulders of Bartlett and Washington’s hogs with mine. – – Bake is altering her bombazine dress. She is complaining of feeling badly.

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