Monday, 13 March, 1865

A lovely day. Bill rode Shakespeare to Col. King to try to get a horse, gave him money, $2900. – – Liv fixed my spinning wheel and prevented it casting band. – – Elmore came for six barrels corn. Brought sad news for us. Bill went to ascertain the facts in relation. After counting out one hundred, which became minus 7 by the operation, Liv attended to the removal of another article. We are all in a great deal of trouble.1Elmore, probably a slave, appears only this once in the Journal. If any of our readers have any suggestions about the nature of the trouble mention by Caroline, please share. I sent Tom and Buck after an early breakfast with a nice piece of beef to Rose and to request her to give me some peas to sow. She sent me enough for a row and more, and carrots to transplant for seed, also some apples. – – Dellah is making Liv’s shirts. – – Willie Edwards came about dark and frightened us right much. 2“Willie” could have been William D. Edwards of Cherry Grove, about 34. On light duty with the reserves, he had lost his left arm at the Battle of Yellow Tavern the previous year. Or it could have been William Butler Edwards, about 15, of Clover Plains.

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