Monday, 18 July, 1864

Weather cool. – – Commenced hauling wheat today, ox cart, wagon and tumbrel. Dellah, Bettie and Patsy put it in the barn as fast as they haul it. Zac returned from Lieut. Haw’s in the night last night complaining.1The transcription renders “Lieut. Haw’s” as “Secret Hours.” Caroline’s handwriting, while generally easily read, is sometimes a challenge. 2Lieut. George P. Haw from Hanover County lost his left arm at the Battle of Antietam in 1862. Captured, he was exchanged later that year and was soon detailed as was enrollment (conscription/draft) officer for the C.S.A. for Hanover and King William Counties. Haw was honorably retired from field service November, 1864. He received a law degree from Washington College (VA) in 1867 and served as Commonwealth Attorney for Hanover County for 48 years. Haw died in 1930. Larkin and Claiborne Hill came about dawn. I paid Claiborne $2250.00 for a horse for Zac. – – I am busy today about a suit of clothes for Bill, Va. – – Parky washed, Martha got dinner. Bake’s getting along very well with Mary’s cloth.

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  1. I just realized that Caroline’s four middle children are each a year apart in age…. she was pregnant for 5 years straight?? Give the lady a medal.

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