Monday, 19th February, 1866

It has rained incessantly through the night and continued all day till late in the afternoon about sunset, when we had the last shower and the sunset clear. – – Nan has been sick and complaining all day. Laid down and slept several hours. Zac and Hardie also are very unwell with a cold. – – There is nothing in the world the hands can do in the way of farming. They are a dead expense to us. There is some little corn in the barn to shuck or they could find no employment. The earth is completely saturated with water. – – I have been darning the boys socks and jobbing about different things today. Covered the cushion of my chair, &c. – – Martha spotted the parlor and passage. Patsy commenced spinning warp for counterpanes, finished some candlewick she has been spinning. Zac’s writing compositions he omitted on Saturday. Reads his Bible a good deal. Is very fond of it, he and Nan both. They frequently read to me. – – Nan was too sick to study today. – – I commenced putting on wicks to dip candles, after taking a nap at twilight. The boys and Nannie are reading. Zac went with me down to get some pickles and potatoes to roast. Bill retired early. – – Zac and Hardie put out the seine and caught a few ailwives, they are very fine.

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