Monday, 21 November, 1864

Another just such a morning as yesterday. No prospect for the girls to get away today unless they are sent for. They seem very well contented and I am pleased to see it, since it cannot be prevented. It has rained incessantly all day. Bill took Bartlett and had some stalls fixed in the stable for the horses. They’ve been standing out all the while. – – Dellah gets on tolerably well weaving. Bettie’s pretending to stitch up the pants for the servants, Bartlett’s sons, Frederick and Jim.1Here we have the first obvious family relationship among Woodbury’s slaves. Nan employs her time reading. Rose is completely tied to Miss Annie, perfectly devoted to her, has been mending her shoe for her. – – The girls and Bill proposed to have a molasses stew tonight. I acceded to it and had some walnuts picked out for it. – – Bake acted the young gentleman again tonight and wound up with a kaleidoscope, and retired at 2 o’clk. Sent Hill 82½ $ by Mary for one gallon brandy.

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