Monday, 25 September, 1865

Still dry. – – Bettie came in this morning to let me know Frederick had hired her to Mrs. McGeorge for $3 pr. month. I gave him the privilege of doing so, leaving it discretionary with me to recall her whenever I had employment for her. – – Bill and Willie Turner left after breakfast for court. Hardie and Frank went in afterwards. Bill drove Fannie. He and Hardie returned at sunset, brought a letter to Bake which gave her great satisfaction, also brought her one from Alice Hill. – – Parky washed today.

2 thoughts on “Monday, 25 September, 1865”

  1. Any idea who Mrs. McGeorge is? Could she be of the McGeorge’s from the globe area?

  2. This is probably Mrs. Agnes L. McGeorge, widow of William McGeorge who lived nearby and appears frequently in the Journal. You can locate the McGeorge home on the Glimer Map just downriver from Woodbury at what is now called “Horse Landing.” William McGeorge is likely from the McGeorge family who lived in the vicinity of Globe and whose home also appears on the Gilmer map. McGeorge family historians are invited to chime in.

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