Monday, 27 March, 1865

Quite a pretty day, though a freeze last night. Sent to Ju’s for some English peas for another row by Buck, sent them a shad. Planting potato square in pop corn and two rows early corn, and sowed the row of peas. Hal and Jake White came and spent the morning. – – It’s distressing to hear from different sources what people have suffered by the enemy. – – Bill attended court. – – Liv floated today and caught some 40 or 50 shad. – – The Yankees have driven me from the basement ever since Friday. Today I thought I would make a commencement about cleaning up and putting the empty things in place again. Martha found about two bushels potato seed they had left in the chaff. Promised Jake to let his father have what he wanted and asked him to save me five gallons vinegar.

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