Monday, 28th May, 1866

Fine day except being windy. Patsy sick. I got Clarissa to make a square for cabbage, that ploughed the other day. She is a very obliging servant. I generally reward her for little things of the kind. – – Zac accompanied Nan in a boat ride by moonlight to Mr. Henley’s after supper, after he returned from school. – – I sat up till they returned ½ past eleven. They found me in the strawberry patch, as bright as day almost. Bill had just retired. Nan got the trimming Mrs. Henley purchased for her in Richmond. Bill attended Court. Brought a letter for Hardie from his friend Adams.1 – – Took off 42 bags plaster @ $1.35 pr. bag, 11 ½ bushels blk. peas @ 9 pr. bushel and 8 ½ @ 7/6 pr. bushel.2

  1. “Adams” has not been identified. Caroline will not mention him, or her, again.  (back)
  2. Caroline wrote “8 ½ @ 7/6 pr.” clearly, and with very deliberate pen strokes. But the “7/6” does not appear to mean an “improper” fraction. Click on the link and share your interpretation of what she meant. BTW, this image clearly shows Caroline writing upside down in the old store ledger.  (back)

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